Ellen Abrams, PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

I am a historian of science and mathematics, specializing in science and technology studies, critical data studies, and women’s and gender studies. My current book project, which focuses on the early-twentieth-century growth of mathematical research in the United States, tells the story of how American mathematics was defined and reassembled through various forms of masculinity. My other current projects relate to the creation of data and data-based knowledges. Overall, my research examines how different forms of mathematical knowledge are created, why they matter, and who gets to participate. 

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“An Inalienable Prerogative of a Liberated Spirit: Postulating American Mathematics.” British Journal for the History of Mathematics (2020): 1-21.
“‘Indebted to No One’: Grounding and Gendering the Self-Made Mathematician.” Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 50, no. 3 (2020): 217-247.
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Caroline Eustis Seely: A letter to the American Mathematical Society. Women in the History of Science: A Sourcebook (2023).